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August 18th, 2007

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Victor of the House will be up soon:)


Victor of the House

Title: Victor of the House
Warnings: Nothing Yet.
Writers Comments: This is a piece made by me. Therefore no disclaimer is needed for it:) 


After a terrible fire that took the lives of not only Queen Elizabeth but her daughter's as well, the royal family of Grace has become secretive and silent. But none know the meaning of silence more then the Prince himself, Prince Victor. In an era of war, passion and royalty he must hide his true nature behind swords and sheilds of another kind and become something he will never truly be able to be. But there is a glimpse of hope for him when his father sends him away to RedOak School for Royals where the King expects him to learn to become the King of England. Yet he learns much more then that. He learns that if he is powerful and noble he can be a leader no matter what. He learns that he can become the future symbol of freedom to his people. And most of all he learns that love is the greatest power of all.

August 17th, 2007


Hi I'm Serena and I'm a Junior in College at the moment:) I love writing Vader/Luke slash and am now working on a story called Within the Shadows of the Past that will be posted soon:)
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